2018 Visionary Award Level I Winners Announced

Lyndsey Geering, Billings, Attest

Lyndsey implemented a new process for CCH Engagement Fund Trial Balance to improve the effectiveness of the software firm-wide. She worked with other attest staff to help them apply the process to government audits. It was Lyndsey’s ingenuity to take online training to learn more about the software and find a way to make the firm more efficient.  Quite simply, Lyndsey worked on a new process to improve efficiency, client service and realization that can be used for multiple engagements across the firm.


Sandy Bechard, Great Falls, Operations

Sandy saw a problem and found a way to make the engagement letter process more efficient. She created macros for all offices and two tutorial videos to provide step-by-step instructions to share with the Admin staff firm-wide. This new process allows Admin staff to use the most updated information in Practice Management when creating letters and removed the need to update both a spreadsheet and Practice Management. Sandy’s initiative to do more than her regular duties demonstrates what it means to be visionary.


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