What is Success³ All About?

As you work with Anderson ZurMuehlen professionals or visit our offices, you’ll likely hear or see the term Success³ (“success cubed”). We’d like you to know what Success³ is all about.

Success³ means a quality result for you, for Anderson ZurMuehlen team members, and for the firm on every engagement. It means exceptional service in every interaction you have with a firm member. It means you leave every engagement with the firm saying, “Wow!”

A lofty goal, to be sure. Are we serious about Success³? Absolutely.

Success³, however, is much more than a goal. It’s a way of life for us, a process. We think you should know what that process is. We want you to hold us accountable for following it.

The diagram above is the process, the service model, for Success³. Behind each of the five steps–define the service, plan the engagement, perform the service, provide the deliverable, evaluate the service–are key principles and clear expectations for how we will serve you.