Anderson ZurMuehlen Attends the Annual MSCPA Conference

At the Montana Society of CPAs Annual Conference in Billings last week several staff were honored including Dan Vuckovich with the George D. Anderson Distinguished Service Award, Gary Carlson with the inaugural Community Service award and Krystal Stewart with the Outstanding Young CPA Award.

Gary Carlson, Shareholder, Operations, Helena, was awarded the MSCPAs inaugural Community Service Award for his role in creating the annual Spirit of Service day. This Helena event has been going 17 years and includes 30 partner organizations, and over 500 volunteers.

A large number of Anderson ZurMuehlen employees from the firm were able to attend the MSCPA conference to support the award winners, network with other attendees and earn CPE credit.​

Krystal Stewart, Shareholder, Tax, Helena was the recipient of the 2017 MSCPA Outstanding Young CPA Award. Steven Johnson, Manager, Tax, Helena was the 2016 recipient.​

​​Dan Vuckovich, Shareholder, Consulting, Great Falls, was presented the 2017 George D. Anderson Distinguished Service Award. The award is given to a member of MSCPA to recognize contributions to the accounting profession and involvement in community, charitable and civic activities.

Pictures (left) Dan is with Rick Reisig, Shareholder, Attest, Great Falls.  Dan received the 2014 George D. Anderson Distinguished Service award.​

(righ​t) Dan is with his wife, Verna, and father ​Gene Vuckovich

Pictured from left to right: Bob Thennis (CSD, GTF), Amy Forsman (Tax, GTF), Erin Stockwell (Tax, GTF), Karina Ragan (Tax, GTF), Dana Cade (Tax, Helena), Erin Furr (Tax, GTF),  Megan Connors  (Attest, GTF), Sarah Stanger (Attest, GTF), Francine Cooper (Attest, GTF)  with Dan V photobombing!  

To see the videos of Krystal, Gary and Dan accepting their rewards, click the links below:

Gary’s Award​

​​​Krystal’s Award

Dan’s Award​

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