Can the Cats/Can the Griz Food Drive Contest

A few years ago the Anderson ZurMuehlen Missoula and Bozeman offices decided to place a “friendly” wager on who could raise the most food donations for the Can the Cats/Can the Griz food drives surrounding the Brawl of the Wild.

Last year, the Missoula office was the victor with a 1,090 lb. win over Bozeman office’s 925 lb. donation. This year both of the offices really upped their game and Bozeman came back with a vengeance! Missoula raised a total donation of 2,160 ($861.00 cash and 1,299 lbs. of food) but Bozeman reigned victorious this year with their 3,698 lb. donation!

Here are some pics of this year’s donations (and also Bozeman’s loser picture from last year that we just wanted to make sure everyone was able to enjoy!)

These donations contributed to the overall total of Missoula’s 391,000 lbs. to Bozeman’s 389,000 lbs., which broke records for both communities. Awesome job to both of the offices with some great participation for such an amazing cause.

Here is the Missoula’s office contributions with Megan Auclair, administrative professional:

Missoula Office with their food donations

Here is the Bozeman office with their whopping 3,698 lbs. of food donations!

Here is the Bozeman office last  year when they “lost” the food drive and had to root for the Griz!

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