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Jim Woy Receives American Institute of CPAs Outstanding Instructor Award

Jim Woy cropped The American Institute of CPAs has announced the recipients 2013-2014 Outstanding Instructor Award. Jim, Woy, Shareholder, in the Butte office was recently named as a recipient of the award.  Contact Jim Woy by email or at 406.782.0451.

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Megan Walsh Receives Outstanding Young CPA Award

The Montana Society of CPAs (MSCPA) is proud to announce Megan Walsh, CPA, Anderson ZurMuehlen & Co, Butte, as the recipient of the 2014 MSCPA Outstanding Young CPA Award.

This award was created in 2012 to recognize the talent of young Montana CPAs. Nominees for the award must be members of MSCPA, under 35 years of and display significant accomplishments within their community and their profession. Ms. Walsh embodies these qualities.

“We are honored to recognize the talent our young professionals bring to the table,” stated MSCPA President Ann Deegan (Billings). “Megan is a great example of professionalism in our younger CPAs and truly deserving of this recognition.”

Megan is a native of Great Falls and an alumna of the University of Montana, earning degrees in both Accounting and Communications Studies. A recent transplant to the Butte community, Ms. Walsh is already an active member in the Butte Chapter of CPAs and the Butte Rotary Club. She is a leader in MSCPA’s Raising the BAR Group, a committee dedicated to meeting the needs and promoting the value of CPAs under age 35.

Ms. Walsh was presented the Outstanding Young CPA Award at the 101sth Annual Meeting of the Montana Society of CPAs held in Helena on June 18th. Her parents, Mike and Joan Walsh, and fiancée, Luke Connors came to the awards presentation to share their support of her accomplishments.

Megan Walsh, Manager,  joined Anderson ZurMuehlen in 2013 and works in the Butte office.  Contact Megan Walsh by email or at 406.782.0451.

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Nonprofit Management Matrix: How Analysis Can Impact Your Mission

June 2014

Rick Reisig 100by Rick Reisig, Shareholder

Management of a nonprofit organization is inherently challenging, given the variety of missions, operational motives, revenue sources, staffing levels, etc. that exist in the nonprofit world. Adding to the challenge are the variations in sophistication of the management team (executive director, chief financial officer, board of directors) charged with monitoring the performance of the nonprofit.

Use of analytical procedures can assist those involved in managing and overseeing the operation of the nonprofit, even if the understanding of financial statements is limited. Analytical procedures involve identifying aggregated data by predetermined categories and comparing it to other similar data according to consistent and prescribed rules or methodology.

Analytical procedures can take on many shapes and sizes, depending on the needs and/or comfort of those applying the procedures and interpreting the results. Types of analytical procedures include trend analysis (the analysis of changes in an account balance over time), ratio analysis (the comparison of relationships of selected financial statement accounts between two periods of time, the comparison of an account with nonfinancial data, or the comparison of relationships between companies in an industry), and reasonableness comparisons (the analysis of account balances or changes in account balances within an accounting period that involves the development of an expectation based on financial data, nonfinancial data, or both).

Trends reflect patterns over time. Before a trend can be analyzed and useful conclusions reached, a determination of what information is desired and how the information is to be used must be made. The more predictable the relationships, the more precise the results of the analytical procedures are likely to be.

Ratios are equations that explain relationships. Any two pieces of data can be expressed with a ratio, the attempt to express a cause and effect relationship in mathematical terms. An important point to keep in mind is some data compared to other data is meaningful, some is not. There must be some substantive relationship between the two components of the ratio or the ratio has little meaning.

The most common ratios are those that describe the relationship that exists between any two figures on the same financial statement (statement of financial position, for example), for which there is a logical relationship. The other fairly common ratios express the relationship between figures on different financial statements (statement of financial position and statement of activities, for example).

Ratio analysis may be more effective than trends analysis in some cases because comparisons of different kinds of data (financial and nonfinancial data, for example) may reveal unusual fluctuations that a comparison of just one kind of data over time would not reveal.

Reasonableness comparisons can be attempted in any number of different ways. If a predictable relationship exists between one item and another item, then a comparison and analysis of why the item is as expected, or is not, can be made.

If you are not presently using any of these procedures to help manage your nonprofit, but would like more information on any or all of them, please see us. We can assist you in tailoring the analytical procedures that will work best for you. For more information contact Rick Reisig, Shareholder, at 406.727.0888.

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Rick Reisig, Shareholder, Honored at Montana Society of CPAs Annual Meeting

 Rick Reisig, Shareholder, received the 2014 George D. Anderson Distinguished Service Award from the Montana Society of CPAs at the annual meeting held on June 19.  Contact Rick Reisig by email or at 406.727.0888.

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Krystal Stewart, CPA/PFS, Manager, recently earned her Personal Financial Specialist Certification

Krystal Stewart, CPA/PFS, Manager, recently earned her Personal Financial Specialist certification through the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. The Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) program allows CPAs to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise in personal financial planning.

CPA/PFS credential holders have a specific experience, education and examination requirement that sets them apart from other CPAs and financial planners. Areas covered in the accreditation include: financial planning, income tax planning, insurance planning, investment planning, retirement planning, employee benefits, charitable planning, and planning for special needs. For more information, contact Krystal Stewart by email or at 406.442.1040.

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Amanda Caldwell, Staff, Makes Extreme Huntress Finals

Amanda Caldwell

Amanda Caldwell

Amanda Caldwell, Staff, in the Bozeman office is a one of six women worldwide to make the finals of the Extreme Huntress contest. She is a native of Augusta, Montana and graduated from Montana State University with a master’s degree in accounting.

“I grew up on the back of a horse with a recurve bow in my hand.” Caldwell said. “Everyone has been so supportive and excited for me. I think I’ve had more calls from relatives and reconnected with a lot of people I haven’t talked to in a long time in the last month.”

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Linda Graham, PHR, Human Resources Director Featured in Leadership Spotlight

Linda Graham

Linda Graham

Linda Graham, PHR, Human Resources Director, was  featured in the May 15th Leadership Spotlight in Convergence Coaching. Linda has been with Anderson ZurMuehlen for 33 years and describes herself as “people centric” and she has always felt that the firm has constructed a leadership  team with great integrity and ownership who believe in doing the right thing for staff and the clients they serve.

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Anderson ZurMuehlen Featured in Media on Spirit of Service

Spirit of Service day: Neighbors helping neighbors

May 29, 2014  •  Tom Kuglin Independent Record

Hundreds of business professionals around Helena exchanged keyboards for shovels, saws and paint brushes during the 15th annual Spirit of Service day Wednesday.

The Spirit of Service day pairs businesses and volunteers with homeowners in need of yard work or small home repairs for a one-day event. When the Spirit of Service day began a decade and a half ago, Rocky Mountain Development Council, Anderson-ZurMuehlen and 50 to 60 volunteers tackled five or six homes in the Helena area. After 15 years, 21 partner businesses and organizations contributed time, resources and more than 480 volunteers to work at 47 homes.

“We’ve got a bunch of caring people willing to roll their sleeves up and help some people,” said Mick Dennehy, Spirit of Service event organizer.

To qualify for the assistance of a work crew, each homeowner must submit an application. Most homeowners selected are older or unable to keep up with home maintenance, Dennehy said.

Verne Roberts stood outside his home on the west side of Helena, watching and talking to several volunteers donning yellow shirts as they raced around his yard. The volunteers, from Anderson-ZurMuehlen and American Chemet Corp., joined forces to provide Roberts’ home with new paint and some needed yard work.

“I used to be able to keep this yard in great shape,” Roberts said. “I haven’t been able to do much since I dislocated my shoulder.”

The volunteers arrived on the site at 8 a.m. and worked under a blazing sun to paint the house and two sheds. Another volunteer wielded a chainsaw, knocking down branches from a giant spruce tree in the front yard, while other volunteers carried brush and pulled weeds.

Anderson-ZurMuehlen and its 100 employees who worked on houses Wednesday see the Spirit of Service as a way to give back to the community, said CPA Kelly Galt.

“And a way to get out of the office,” one of the volunteers joked.

Across town at a house in the central Helena Valley, volunteers from Morrison-Maierle cleared brush from a barrel pit, painted and hung fencing and raked grass. Morrison-Maierle gave employees the day off to volunteer, and its 35 volunteers took on five houses around Helena, said coordinator Lacey Forrey.

“This is a great group, and it would be way harder if we didn’t have the company support,” she said.

Forrey has coordinated the Morrison-Maierle volunteers for six years, and her enjoyment of helping other people has kept her and others coming back, she said.

Organizing the Spirit of Service event takes yearlong fundraising spearheaded by Dennehy and help from partners like AAA, NorthWestern Energy, Home Depot and many more, said RMDC communications coordinator Jane McFarlane.

Organizers received more applications this year than they were able to accommodate, but those homeowners the volunteers could not help will move to the top of the list next year, she said.

“It just shows that the need is there with older folks that just can’t do what they used to,” McFarlane said.

Even after starting work at 5 a.m. and working all day, Dennehy was already looking forward to next year’s event.

“We have two new partners coming in next year,” he said. “That means we’ll almost immediately assume a minimum of more than 200 volunteers. It’s a really cool program, and I think, why wouldn’t you want to be a part of neighbors helping neighbors?”

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Hamilton Consulting Group Is Merging with Anderson ZurMuehlen

Anderson ZurMuehlen announced plans to merge with Hamilton Consulting Group PLLP effective July 1, 2014. Anderson ZurMuehlen has over 200 professionals in six locations in Montana. Hamilton Consulting Group, which will assume the Anderson ZurMuehlen name, employs eight professionals in Havre.

“This merger allows Anderson ZurMuehlen to more easily serve clients in the northeastern part of Montana.” said Don Laine, CEO of Anderson ZurMuehlen. “The collaboration of the combined firm will allow us to, strengthen the current services provided to our clients, and offer them a greater array of value-added services.”

The merger brings together an alignment of staff and owners with representative strengths in Anderson ZurMuehlen’s core industry segments, including agriculture, local governments, nonprofit organizations, as well as small businesses.

“Hamilton Consulting Group is proud to be a part of the Anderson ZurMuehlen family” said Gordy Thompson, Partner at Hamilton Consulting Group. “The merger will not change our focus. We are eager to show our clients the new services we can provide and look forward to expanding the quality reputation that Anderson ZurMuehlen has obtained throughout Montana to the Northeastern part of the state.”

“I am personally excited about this merger” said Leonard Deppmeier, Partner at Hamilton Consulting Group. “”I have worked with the Havre staff for many years. As they become staff members of Anderson ZurMuehlen, I believe they will see the opportunities to have a very successful career and hopefully, they will exceed the level of success I have enjoyed.”

The merger represents an exciting opportunity for both firms and their staff to offer additional services and more resources to better serve their clients throughout the state. Clients can expect the same great people providing the same great service.

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Kerry Sullivan-Lechner, Marketing Director, quoted in Accounting Today