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AZ Technology Solutions Collaborate with Intacct Cloud Financial Management

Intacct, a leading provider of cloud financial management and accounting software, is the first and only cloud financial management and accounting system AZ Technology Solutions offers. The decision to add Intacct to its portfolio was based on the firm’s belief that Intacct’s financial applications are superior to those of competing cloud-based systems, and Intacct’s strong multi-dimensional reporting and analysis capabilities are a perfect fit for the firm’s clients. AZ Technology Solutions was also impressed by the level of talent and experience on the Intacct channel team. As the consulting arm of a top accounting firm, AZ Technology Solutions likes that Intacct is the preferred provider of financial applications for the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

AZ Technology Solutions has built a successful practice around on-premises accounting software from Microsoft and Intuit, but lately, clients seeking to lower costs and eliminate IT infrastructure requirements have been asking for a cloud-based alternative. Adding Intacct’s cloud financial management and accounting software to its portfolio allows AZ Technology Solutions to meet this demand, while expanding its market and accelerating business growth.

“Our mission is to provide services to our clients that will help them succeed – today and in the future,” said Don Laine, CPA and CEO for Anderson ZurMuehlen. “As a full-service accounting and business consulting firm, we only recommend solutions that provide solid internal controls, improve processes, help our clients track their financial data, and make it easy for them to analyze their critical business operations. Intacct fits that description perfectly and we view it as a critical component for our portfolio as we move forward and look to grow the technology services portion of our firm.”

AZ Technology Solutions clients are looking for ways to modernize their financial systems, automate key aspects of their business and reduce the burden of IT that comes with traditional on-premises software. Intacct provides robust financial applications that help companies automate processes, reduce cycle times and speed their financial close. At the same time, Intacct’s cloud computing platform eliminates the need for companies to support their own financial management software and hardware, while providing enterprise-class backup and disaster recovery – enabling them to focus on their core business.

AZ Technology Solutions also has plans to leverage Intacct’s rich, web-based tools and flexible cloud application development platform to build custom applications for clients. The firm sees this as an opportunity to move into new markets and provide added value to its clients.

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