International Tax Planning

Fueled by rapid changes in technology, geopolitical shifts, and a host of other forces over which we have little control, our world is changing and shrinking at a dizzying pace. For some, those changes may impact the need for financial services.

We recognize that every financial and tax reporting situation with international implications is different. You may live in the United States, but have business or familial ties in other parts of the world. Your situation may require you to reside outside the country while maintaining your U.S. citizenship. The scenarios are nearly endless.

U.S. income tax reporting is complex and shows no signs of moving towards simplification any time soon. Compound U.S. reporting requirements with international laws and regulations and you’re quickly in a multifaceted and very complicated area of the tax code.

Anderson ZurMuehlen can help. We have a team of CPAs that specializes in understanding international reporting requirements so you don’t have to. In addition to their expertise in foreign reporting in the U.S., our team can also help you with compliance work and general business consulting/planning.

Who we help:

  • U.S. persons with international ties
  • U.S. citizens living abroad
  • Non-U.S. persons with U.S. connections
  • Businesses operating in the U.S. and abroad

We provide international tax reporting/consulting/compliance services to:

  • Corporations
  • Partnerships
  • Tax exempt organizations
  • Individuals
  • Estates and trusts

We can also help with:

  • Gift tax issues
  • Reports of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts
  • Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Programs
  • Streamlined Disclosure Program
  • Passive Foreign Investment Companies (PFICs)
  • Controlled Foreign Corporations (CFCs)

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