Our Visionary Award Winner is Tiff Hanson!

Tiff Hanson has provided significant leadership in the Tax Business Unit training program. She was instrumental in designing the learning tracks and tying them to the firm’s core competencies. Using her technical skills and expertise, she was able to identify what competencies required additional training.  She researched the training opportunities available and considered what was needed in-house.

Tiff’s 20 plus years with the firm provide an excellent foundation to know what trainings were needed. For the 2017 Tax Boot Camp, she recommended adding additional time to run through a tax return after all of the attendees completed their training to determine if new staff had the information they needed for busy season.  This was very beneficial and it was well-received by the participants.

Tiff’s ability to mentor staff at all levels continues to support efficiencies for clients today but also in the future. Her high-level perspective on professional development trickles throughout the Tax Business Unit. She not only leads the training team, but also sets the training topics.  She does an outstanding job of communicating with Maggie, the Tax BUD and BUAs to ensure she is covering what needs to be addressed in all firm-wide training endeavors.

Not only have Tiff’s efforts benefitted the Tax Business Unit, they have also served as a model and inspiration for other business units to accomplish similar tasks. This includes tying the firm’s training to the core competencies as well as defining learning tracks for all staff levels. Tiff persevered in developing the training program through staff changes in Human Resources by keeping focused on training goals. She has also identified training resources through the BDO Alliance and CCH.


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