Fraud Examinations and Forensic Accounting

Our team of Certified Fraud Examiners is here to help you. Our CFEs have all passed rigorous testing by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, in addition to ongoing annual specialized training.

Services to Businesses

According to the ACFE’s 2014 Report to the Nation, the typical organization loses 5% of revenues each year due to fraud. The median loss caused by fraud from their study was $145,000. You work hard for your money; we want you to be able to keep it.

We offer the following types of services to help you:

Prevention Services: We can assess your risk, and help you build a fraud prevention program in your business. From a review of internal controls to specific operational and policy recommendations, our team is capable of assisting you in safeguarding your assets.

Detection Services: If you suspect fraud in your organization, our team can help you explore whether fraud has occurred. Our investigative skills are rooted in extensive experience in a wide range of accounting, auditing, and tax backgrounds. Specifically, we can assist you with the following:

  1. Identify the point of loss
  2. Identify potential suspects
  3. Quantify the losses
  4. Work with attorneys, insurance companies, and other investigators to help you recover your losses.

Services to Attorneys

Our Certified Fraud Examiners are able to take a complex situation with high volume of data and simplify it. We understand the importance of concluding a thorough investigation with an effective communication of its results. Our written reports effectively summarize both the process and the findings in a clear, concise, and understandable manner. We combine these skills with competent, strong verbal communication. In addition, we understand the importance of handling documents and other evidence throughout the process.   Let us help you build a strong case either as consultants or as expert witnesses.

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Megan Connors

Megan Connors, CPA, CFE, Great Falls

Angie Murdo 

Angela Murdo, CPA, CFE, Helena

Jan Schweitzer, CPA, CFE, Missoula

Shirlee Walker

Shirlee Walker, CPA, CFE, Missoula