Desktop as a Service

Technology is a key component of a successful business. Give your staff the best opportunity to for success by moving your IT services to our Desktop as a Service (DaaS). You’ll have access to cutting edge technology and IT experts.

Download the Desktop as a Service PDF

Are you experiencing any of the following situations in your current environment?

  • Utilizing a hosted service with no accounting experience
  • Losing key IT employees or lack of experienced professionals available
  • Poor network and application performance
  • Mergers and sale of entities
  • No desire to have in-house IT services
  • End of equipment life

 Benefits of Anderson ZurMuehlen’s DaaS

  • Mobility—access to your desktop from any device anywhere in the world
  • Enhanced security
  • Cutting-edge technology access
  • Support and engineering that understands complex business environments
  • Consistent user experience
  • Application performance optimized by using the top of the line servers and storage
  • Redundancy and high availability
  • Disaster Recovery

For more information contact, Pat Sassano, Technology Services Manager, at by email or call 406.442.1040.

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