Intacct Industry Solutions

Companies of all sizes and industries enjoy a unique business advantage with Intacct. Over many years and thousands of successful deployments, Intacct and its partners have developed financial solutions and know-how tailored to fit a host of unique requirements across multiple industries.

Whether you’ve outgrown your current accounting system, you’re looking to streamline your Quote-to-Cash process and already have Salesforce CRM, you’re making a strategic move to Software as a Service or your business needs a better way to handle the complexities associated with your particular industry, Intacct financial solutions are designed to improve productivity, reduce costs and speed growth, all with the highest value, lowest risk and best customer satisfaction available.

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Intacct Industry Solutions

As the leading financial management and accounting solution for small and mid-sized businesses, Intacct helps organizations across industries.

As the leading financial management and accounting solution for Software, Software as a Service (SaaS) and other subscription-based businesses, Intacct helps:

  • Improve cash flow and eliminate inefficient and manual processes by automating billing, revenue recognition, and renewals
  • Improve productivity and simplify compliance by reducing your dependency on Excel for complex revenue management
  • Make timely and informed business decisions with real time financial and operational reporting
  • Expedite your financial close and obtain a real time global view across multiple business entities

Intacct for Software Companies

  • Improve productivity by giving delivery teams instant anytime, anywhere access to project tasks, milestones and status
  • Improve cash flow by automatically capturing client-billable time and expense and accelerating billing processes
    Avoid cost overruns and gain real-time visibility into project status, performance and profitability via proactive, at-a-glance dashboard KPI’s
  • Gain real-time insights into cash inflows and outflows, and improve revenue forecasting accuracy
  • Reduce errors and increase operational efficiencies by integrating project activities with project accounting

Intacct for Professional Service Organizations

Intacct delivers award winning financial and accounting applications for hotels, restaurants, tourism venues and other businesses in the Hospitality industry. Intacct helps hospitality firms:

  • Analyze and control key financial and operating metrics, to ensure labor, operating, food and beverage costs align with receipts
  • Gain real-time visibility into consolidated financial and operational details across properties, and drill down into any location
  • Improve cash flow and stop revenue leakage by automating accounts payable and receivable and implementing approval and audit workflows
  • Reduce your dependency on Excel for tracking and reporting

With slimmer profit margins, fierce price competition and growing cost pressures, wholesalers are constantly looking for new ways to improve their business processes. Intacct helps wholesale companies:

  • Gain real-time visibility into financial and operating metrics across warehouse locations, product lines and inventory status
  • Easily manage inventory and help staff locate items in the warehouse, whether in a single location or across any combination of locations and product lines.
  • Track costs down to the inventory item level with flexible costing methods
  • Keep both your finance and sales teams up to date with a seamless integration with Salesforce CRM

Intacct for Franchises makes it easy to manage the finances of your entire business while also allowing each franchise to function as an autonomous unit. Intacct helps franchises:

  • Gain real-time financial visibility into your entire business through pre-built and customizable financial management and accounting dashboards, reports and analytics
  • Roll up financial information from subsidiary franchises to parent companies and correlate subsidiary company financial data with the parent
  • Derive consolidated financials across multiple business franchises and even across entities operating in different currencies, regardless of how complex the holding structure
  • Allow authorized users to securely review and drill down into subsidiary detail and source transactions without signing in separately to each subsidiary