Red Flag Reporting Ethics Hotline

Anderson ZurMuehlen is proud to offer Red Flag Reporting Ethics Hotline services for your reputation and brand protection.

Red Flag Reporting is a simple yet highly effective program designed to educate and empower your employees with the tools to detect and report unethical behavior.  Bringing red flags to light before theft grows or work conditions lead to litigious situations can be the key to protecting your organization’s employees, goodwill and bottom line.

Created by experienced fraud investigators and human resource consultants, Red Flag Reporting provides a vehicle to detect and stop costly problems.

Our service protects the assets, employees and reputations of our clients, while dramatically reducing the costly consequences of unethical activity in the workplace. We provide the most cost effective internal control an organization can have by utilizing an ethics hotline.   We empower the most successful mechanism for catching unethical behavior through open channels of communication. We also support the most powerful tool for deterring bad actions beginning with a strong tone at the top. Our service is so affordable that statistics bare that simply receiving one report can pay for our service for decades.

For additional details or to visit with the Red Flag Reporting team, please call or email Jan Schweitzer at 406.721.7800

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