15 Questions with Jill Galle, CPA, Shareholder, AZ Innovator

Jill Galle
Jill Galle

Briefly describe a typical workday at Anderson ZurMuehlen.

I’m not sure I have a typical day! My day is usually a mix of managing various clients and projects as well as overseeing our Missoula attest unit. So one day I might be bouncing between internal meetings and the next I might be on-site with a client working on an audit.

What is your role at Anderson ZurMuehlen?

I’m a shareholder serving on our attest team, which means I provide audit services, review financial statements, advise on internal controls, etc. I’m also charged with overseeing the other attest team members in our Missoula location as a Business Unit Advisor.

What are three words to describe Anderson ZurMuehlen?

Progressive, motivated, caring

What do you consider your strongest contribution to our firm?

If I say I’m going to do something, I will follow through. I’m not afraid to speak up, but I always try to come to the table with a solution to propose.

What specialties/services do you provide your clients?

I’m a member of our AZ Leverage and employee benefit plan specialty teams.  AZ Leverage provides back office solutions, including accounting, human resources, and information technology operations with an eye for automation.  Our employee benefit plan specialty team is a dedicated team of professionals that assists our clients with the Department of Labor’s annual audit requirements. I provide a variety of attest and consulting services to non-profits and for profit (non-public) entities.  I’m also working to stay up to date on how future trends such as artificial intelligence, data analytics, and cyber security threats will impact our attest work and the clients we serve.

What do you like to do when you are not at the office?

 I love spending time with my family– my husband Scott and our three year old daughter. We also have a wonderful extended family that I love spending time with! If I’m not with them, I’m likely going for a jog around our neighborhood, taking a barre class, or reading a book. My resolution this year is to read every night before bed!

What has been one of your proudest moments working with Anderson ZurMuehlen?

Being nominated as a shareholder certainly ranks high. But I also feel pretty proud of the smaller daily victories– whether it be showing someone an excel formula that makes their work easier or helping a client through a complicated transaction– the moments when I feel helpful are the ones I’m the proudest of.

What inspires you?

Working with truly great people (both co-workers and clients), the chance to define my own career, and the idea that I’m building something my daughter can be proud of.

What are five words or less for people in your profession?

Hard-working, caring, fun, insightful

What is on your wish list for the next ten years with Anderson ZurMuehlen?

I think technology will really transform how we provide solutions to our clients, and maybe even the type of solutions we provide, but at the core, we’ll still be looking for ways to improve the lives of those we work with. On my wish list would be that we continue to embrace these new technologies in order to provide the best possible solutions to our clients.

How has Anderson ZurMuehlen helped you in your career development?

For me it’s been the opportunity to work with so many different people and each of them has provided me with valuable guidance and insight. I’ve also never asked for a learning opportunity that hasn’t been granted. I’ve had the chance to attend national conferences, participate in internal programs, and everything in between.

If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?

Relaxing on a lanai in Maui!

Fill in the blank: My first concert was….

Well let me set the stage a little, I was a teenager in the early 2000s, so naturally my first concert was Britney Spears!

What does your workspace look like?

I typically keep my workspace pretty tidy, but I always have a notebook and a stack of post-its nearby. I have a beautiful wall of windows and a fake orchid, because even with the big windows, I have a black thumb!

What song title best describes your personality?

I’m not sure these best describe my personality, but maybe they provide some insight: “Defying Gravity” by Idina Menzel and “Purple Rain” by Prince. One pumps me up and the other settles me down!


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