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Anderson ZurMuehlen is proud to recognize Amy Forsman, Senior Manager (Great Falls), and Kendra Moran, Senior Manager (Billings), as the firm’s 2018 Visionary Award Winners.  Kendra and Amy represent the very core values of our firm and are crucial members of not only our Tax team, but the firm as a whole.

Amy Forsman and Kendra Moran

The firm had weighed the costs and benefits of implementing data recognition software into our tax processes for quite some time. In 2016, the decision was made to have a group of test users utilize CCH’s Autoflow software on 2016 tax returns. Kendra and Amy were part of the group that tested this software, and in 2017, when the Tax Unit chose to implement Autoflow firm-wide, Amy and Kendra were tasked with the roll-out from start to finish.

Kendra and Amy knocked the implementation out of the park. They listened to the feedback from the 2016 user group, did significant research into the best practices and do’s and don’ts from other firms, and they gave thoughtful consideration to how to best apply this knowledge to our firm. Between them, they managed and implemented their vision for how the software could work so effectively that users from all levels in the firm described Autoflow as a “non-event” for the 2018 tax season. What greater compliment can there be from users right after tax season? From planning to training, both Amy and Kendra went above and beyond to make sure that everything went smoothly.

Autoflow is an important step in continuing to allocate the time of our technical staff away from data input and towards valued services for clients. Kendra and Amy exponentially increased the effectiveness and efficiency of Autoflow by rethinking the roles our technical and administrative staff would have in the process. Many firms, including some of our competitors, have openly shared their poor utilization of Autoflow due to lack of preparer buy-in and general process inefficiencies.  In their research of other firms, Amy and Kendra recognized those firms which were consciously moving non-technical tasks to non-technical staff and determined the key functions of Autoflow which could be moved from our preparers to our administrative team. They had confidence in the skills of our administrative team and worked closely with Chantil Breen to coordinate necessary training.

It appears our utilization of Autoflow on our 2017 1040’s was around 95% which is another testament to Kendra’s and Amy’s careful planning.

The firm also wishes to recognize our Visionary Level I winners from earlier in the year including Sandy Bechard (Operations), Great Falls and Carolyn Yampradit (CSD), Billings.


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