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With the increasing number of employees working from home, email has become the primary form of communication most of us interact with every day. Most HR onboarding processes involve some form of email etiquette; however, it can be difficult to remember what company guidelines are after having been with a company for many years. At AZTS, we know how crucial clear email communication is for completing work promptly and with high quality.

The following guidelines are included in Anderson ZurMuehlen onboarding training by our HR professionals and are increasingly important in our company communication as much of our workforce work from home.

Include a Clear Subject Line

It is important your email’s recipients understand the topic of your email quickly. An accurate email subject line will also help if your recipient needs to search for your email in their inbox at a later date.

Proof Read Your Email

Mistakes happen, but be sure your email isn’t riddled with them. Correct grammar and spelling ensure you come across as professional, while also ensuring your recipient understands the content of your email.

Double-check Attachments

There’s nothing worse than thinking you’ve attached a document and finding later you forgot. This can cause confusion for your recipients and frustration for you. Take the time to double-check that any desired attachments are in fact attached.

Keep Your Tone Professional

Be intentional about your choice of words. Although you may be friendly with your coworkers or clients, it is easy for the tone of an email to be misunderstood. If you must draft an email based on your frustrations, take time to remove emotions from your email to ensure a professional message is being communicated.

Double-check Your Recipients

We’ve all accidentally sent an email to the wrong recipient. Ensure you are communicating the correct message to the correct person by double-checking your recipients.

Reply Promptly

By replying promptly to email communication, you are respecting the time of those attempting to reach you. Consider imposing a goal to respond to all emails within 24 – 48 hours of receiving the email.

Avoid Emojis

Although fun, emojis do not always communicate professionalism. There are some instances when emojis are appropriate. Use good judgment.

Include an Email Signature

Include your name, job title, website, and phone number where you can be reached in your email signature. You may consider adding your company’s logo or your photo, but generally, less is more.

The Anderson ZurMuehlen Technology Services Team is pleased to be a resource to you. Additionally, our HR Team and Marketing Team are highly experienced in creating branded guides for businesses. Please contact us with questions!


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