Which Accounting Software is the Best for Your Business?

When you own a small business, you often have to learn a little bit of everything to get your business to a point where it can begin to grow. We know many business owners take on accounting for their business. When your business is small, this is manageable, but as your business grows, you may no longer have time to be a business owner, bookkeeper, and tax accountant.

Often the most overlooked task of running a business is streamlining processes with technology and software. The professional bookkeepers at AZ use a combination of digital tools to help our clients keep their accounts in order. There are multiple combinations of point-of-sale, e-commerce, accounting, and other software to help automate, streamline processes and keep your books in real-time status. 

The most widely used software among our clients for accounting is QuickBooks. More likely than not, you’re already using some form of QuickBooks. From what we’ve noticed from our clients, small to medium-sized businesses tend to use QuickBooks Online version and large businesses are split between Online and Desktop.  Here’s how to know what works best for your business:

Use QuickBooks Online if:

  • You don’t have a physical office with a workstation and often work on the go.
  • You work inconsistent hours and need to access your data outside of work hours.
  • You have less than 5 employees.

Use QuickBooks Desktop if:

  • You need more robust inventory and reporting.
  • You have a physical office location where you can keep digital records securely.
  • You have more than 5 employees.

Both QuickBooks Desktop and Online can be set up to track, process, and report items such as key performance indicators, generate financial statements, payroll, full receivable, and payable processing. Most importantly, the automation built into these programs saves time and money reconciling between multiple software platforms and alerts can be set up to catch sync errors immediately before they become a larger problem.   

Owning and growing a business takes time and energy. The professionals at AZ are happy to help you find the right programs and systems for your business. Contact us to learn more about what software is the best match for you.

This article was written by Amanda Anders, a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor in the Anderson ZurMuehlen Missoula office.


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