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Are you happy with your accounts payable process?  Would you like to simplify your process to save time and still maintain your internal checks and balances?  At Anderson ZurMuehlen, we understand the questions business owners face when setting up an accounting system. Our Accounting Solutions team has invested time and energy researching, learning, and troubleshooting many systems and is pleased to recommend one of our favorite accounting tools for your business needs.

What We Love about is a leading provider of cloud-based software that simplifies, digitizes, and automates back-office financial processes. Their software is specifically designed for small and mid-sized businesses and is able to support all industries, ranging from startups to establishes brands, and nonprofits to franchises.

Here’s what the professionals at AZ Accounting Solutions love about

  • Import invoices and minimize the amount of manual data entry
  • Maintain your current bill approval process and simplify it at the same time
  • Configure approval rules for the routing process without using paper copies
  • Assign single or multiple approvers or assign approvers based on threshold amounts
  • Provide an electronic approval process, which results in an excellent audit trail
  • Set up multiple options for payment: paper checks, electronic funds transfers, and direct vendor payments
  • Allow vendors to enter their own account information for payment, which adds an additional layer of security
  • Track outstanding payments efficiently
  • Remember prior bill coding which improves efficiency
  • Simplify the bank reconciliation process
  • Automatically integrate with several software programs, including QuickBooks®

How to Know if is for You

Integrating new software and procedures can take time and energy. We understand these resources are limited. In the long run, automating your financial data entry will save you time, money, and the headache that comes with correcting financial data.

If you haven’t updated your business’ financial data entry process, we believe may be an excellent solution to your needs. Our experts are trained to make the integration process seamless and are pleased to be a resource for you.

If you are interested in a demo or would like to talk with one of our Accounting Solutions experts, please contact us.

This post was written by Jennae Kuehl, an Accounting Solutions Specialist in our Missoula office.

This post is in no way sponsored by We recommend products based on experience with the product and do not receive any monetary bonus for recommending a particular product. Please direct any questions to


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