Audit & Assurance Services in Montana

Our audit and assurance engagements are focused on continual communication with our clients, thorough and efficient analysis, and tailored to each unique business we serve.

Our Team Will:

  • Review financial data and company trends to identify critical audit areas.
  • Gain a thorough understanding of your internal control structure.
  • Develop a risk-based audit program tailored to your needs.
  • Keep you informed of your audit status and communicate any issues in a timely manner to avoid surprises.

Tailored Approach

Every entity we work with is different, and obtaining a strong understanding of your operations is essential to tailoring our services to address your risks and business needs, and avoiding a “one size fits all” approach. We pride ourselves on being a comprehensive resource and truly a trusted advisor to our clients.

  • We will complete your financial statement audit by employing a risk-based audit approach, and present our final audit report to management and the Board of Directors as applicable.
  • We will prepare and file your annual federal and state tax returns, if requested.

Success Strategies

Receive the benefit of extensive local expertise by working with advisors who are well-versed in your industry.

  • We will work with our internal experts to conduct year-end strategic income tax planning as applicable.
  • We will consult with our team on high-level financial statement analysis to identify areas of concern or improvement, as well as strategic advice concerning long-term goals.

Value-Added Resources

Gain access to an international network of resources and services to best serve the needs of your entity.

  • Through participation in the BDO Alliance USA, our clients have ready access to specialty accounting services, business resource providers, thought leadership, and education.

Specialized Teams

Are you a specific entity type looking for a specialized team to complete your work? Learn more about our attest specialty teams below.

Meet Our Attest Team


Stefeni Freese | CPA, Shareholder, and Attest Unit Director

Stefeni joined AZ in 2001 and was promoted to Shareholder in 2002. She is invested in the Billings community and loves serving non-profit and for-profit clients. Stefeni looks forward to sharing her expertise with individuals and businesses across Montana. Connect with Stefeni.

Sarah Stanger CPA, Shareholder, Great Falls
Sarah Stanger
CPA, Shareholder, Great Falls

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