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Our AZ LeverageTM Team knows every business we work with is different. Obtaining a strong understanding of your business is essential to customizing our services to your business’s risks and needs; avoiding a “one size fits all” approach. We pride ourselves on being a comprehensive resource and trusted advisor to our clients.

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Our Process is Tailored for Your Business

Acceptance: AZ will provide an engagement letter that will detail the service agreement between businesses. The engagement letter will contractually define the nature, timing, scope, fees, and duration of the engagement.

Design: The client service team from AZ will meet with representatives from your business to define the specific processes to deliver outsourced services. During this phase, we will assist you in evaluating your existing systems with an eye for automation. We will provide you with our recommendations for the best systems to meet your requirements and achieve your objectives.

Develop: We will work with senior management and staff during the initial period of the engagement to ensure a seamless transition. During this phase, we will assist your staff in the development of more forward-thinking reports, financial forecasts, and projections.

Launch: In the instance that new systems have been chosen, they will be tested and launched upon approval.

Evaluate: AZ LeverageTM advisors assigned to your business will conduct an evaluation meeting with representatives from your business to ensure that all aspects of the implementation have been addressed.

Ongoing: AZ LeverageTM advisors assigned to your business are responsible for regular communications with your personnel to ensure you are receiving the full value of the service, including valuable advice.

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