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On July 4th weekend, a major IT managed services systems provider, Kaseya, was hit with a ransomware attack. At this time, Anderson ZurMuehlen Technology Services (AZTS) does not use the system that was affected, and we are not aware of clients and/or sub-contractors who have been affected.

This latest attack is a reminder that we all need to be vigilant and aggressive in protecting our systems. AZTS believes that it’s a matter of when, not if, your business is targeted. Being prepared is your best line of defense. 

We recommend that each business follows the following basic roadmap:

  1. Backups – Conduct regular, secure, backups of all critical systems. Backups, if secured, can be the difference between making the decision to pay a ransom or losing some if not all of your companies’ data.
  2. Vulnerability Management – Deploy a centralized system to ensure your computer systems are updated with the latest software patches to address known weaknesses in the software you rely on. Mitigating vulnerabilities and patching systems regularly reduce the effectiveness of attacks against your organization.
  3. Malware/Virus Protection – Deploy a managed malware/virus protection solution to provide protection against know risks. Most systems have some form of Malware/Virus protection, but many are not up do date.
  4. Managed Firewall – Deploy a managed firewall that is kept up to date and monitored for activity. Installing a firewall with out-of-the-box settings, and/or not keeping the software updated and configured, provides reduced protection. Always keep your edge security devices updated and configured properly for maximum protection.
  5. Awareness Training – Require all users of your computer systems to complete security awareness training on an ongoing basis. Your employees can be a very effective defense force against these attacks if they are aware of how your business may be targeted, and what the latest trends are in attacks.

AZTS offers solutions in each of these areas and can guide you through protecting your business. For more information on our security services, please contact our team.


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