Summer Leadership Institute

Summer leadership course group photo

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Anderson ZurMuehlen’s Summer Leadership Institute is a selective program for highly qualified sophomores and juniors who are considering a career in public accounting. The next Summer Leadership Institute is scheduled for May 15, 2018 in Helena, Montana.

This program is designed to give students an opportunity to learn about real-life accounting, network with Anderson ZurMuehlen staff, and open doors for potential career opportunities. The program is not only a great recruiting event, it is also an opportunity to find out what actual accountants are like. Consisting of workshops, presentations, program is divided into several different sections, each with the purpose of educating, and empowering the participants.

There are many facets to the public accounting, not simply tax and audit. The Summer Leadership Institute allows the participants to meet, and ask questions to staff from each of the many departments in our firm. Most of the Institute is in a large group setting, so the round-table format of the break-out portion provides a great opportunity for a more personal learning experience, as well as a chance to network with the staff assigned to the different topics.

Summer Leadership Institute Highlights

Real Colors Personality Test

Real Colors® is a personality test designed to help participants understand other people’s personalities, as well as their own, and improve communication. The Institute uses Real Colors® as an icebreaker, and also shows students what to expect when interacting with other personality types.

“The Real Colors portion offered a unique view into my personality. It also helped me to understand why certain people interact the way that they do.”

Exploration Works

The corporate office of Anderson ZurMuehlen is located in the Great Northern Town Center in Helena, Montana. A major attraction to the Towne Center is Exploration Works, an interactive science museum. Participants have the opportunity to take a break from the classroom setting to experiment with the different exhibits and displays in the museum. This mini field trip is a great way to relax, have fun, and get to know the other students attending the Summer Leadership Institute.

“The Summer Leadership Institute was a fun and rewarding learning experience.  I enjoyed the opportunity to meet other young professionals who are also seeking careers in the public accounting profession.  The firm staff was very knowledgeable and helpful in answering all of our questions and it was very interactive throughout the day.” -Collin Jones, Accounting Student, Carroll College


Backpack to Briefcase

A question common among most college graduates is – “How do I apply what I learned in college to the real world?” At the end of the conference, we take some time sharing ways to transition into the professional world. The information learned in this portion is crucial in order to successfully begin a strong career in any field.

Meet & Greet with Anderson ZurMuehlen Staff

An important part in starting down the path to a successful accounting career is developing a strong network with other accountants and accounting firms. Our Leadership Institute offers a unique experience allowing participants to interact, learn from, and network with the full time staff here at Anderson ZurMuehlen. Participants have the opportunity to sit and visit with staff members during lunch, during the break-out sessions, and then again at the end of the conference.

“The Summer Leadership Institute for Anderson Zurmuehlen was a great opportunity to get a first-hand experience with the firm. Meeting the employees, getting to know the values of AZ, and working with future CPAs was a great experience!” -Lakyn Connors, Accounting Student, University of Montana.