Training Opportunities

Anderson ZurMuehlen offers a variety of training opportunities for employees. We invest in continued professional growth that impact’s personal career development. Here’s a snapshot of the types of trainings staff receive.

Learning World New Hire Training

Learning World addresses the needs of professional staff members during their first three years of employment with the firm. Each “class” moves progressively through  1st year, 2nd year and 3rd year curriculums specifically designed to meet the needs of new professionals. In addition to teaching important skills and vital content, this multi-year approach helps to build relationships across the firm. Connections created in the Learning World experience extend beyond the core group of co-workers from various offices. Graduates are frequently recruited as instructors to present trainings and new topics ensure the curriculum is relevant and up to date.

Here’s a partial listing of the classes offered:

  • Attest Trial Balance Software
  • Intermediate QuickBooks
  • Improving Your Listening Skills
  • Accepting Constructive Feedback
  • Corporate Tax Returns
  • How to Do Tax Research
  • Holding People Accountable
  • Principles of Review and Supervision
  • Planning an Audit
  • Responding to a Request for Proposal

Learning World training includes networking dinners and social time in addition to the courses. The program meets each year in November, January and June and each session lasts for two days.

Leadership Development Course

The Leadership Development Course is designed to expand the leadership skills of Anderson ZurMuehlen professionals. The seminars cover topics such as career management, professionalism, client service,  and leadership principles. Individuals are nominated to participate in the course and instructors include Don 

Laine, Chief Executive Officer and Cindy Utterback, Board President. Participants read selected leadership management books in preparation for the seminars and have a projects that allow them to apply what they’ve learned.


Leadership development course logo
Leadership development course activty

Additional Training Opportunities

Each business unit has a menu of in-house classes and webinars that address specific industry needs and issues.

Annual Tax Kickoff training provides a review of tax law changes and relevant updates for the tax year. This training is held each year in early January.

For more information, contact Human Resources by email or at 406.442.1040.


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