captive insurance
On March 21, 2022, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Tennessee (the Court)  vacated IRS Notice 2016-66.  […]
Pass Through Income Deduction
Proper classification of independent contractors or employees is vital.
System and Organization Control (SOC) Examinations in Montana
The ERC is a relief measure for businesses in the form of a fully refundable federal tax credit. 
Certified Valuation Expert
Our valuation and ligation support team at Anderson ZurMuehlen has 5 individuals who are credentialed in business valuation.
Data Analytics in Montana
We assess the risk of everything from general business and internal control reviews to IT.
System and Organization Control (SOC) Examinations in Montana
Our team will guide you through the steps to selecting the level of service that is right for you.
entity type
The last to-do item on your list is to register your business with the state and choose your entity type.
If your company is considered to be a service organization, your company provides a valuable end product or service that your customers rely on.
Password management
Montana Senate Bill 28 (the Bill) was signed into law by Governor Greg Gianforte on March 8, 2021.
Gifts to Employees
Employers may be thinking about rewarding hard-working employees with a gift.  The tax law permits this but, as with many things, it sets some parameters.
gifts to employees
To say this past year has been challenging is definitely an understatement. Employers may be thinking about rewarding hard-working employees with a gift.
individual health insurance
With the large amount of job loss and financial instability caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, many Americans are looking for help with their health insurance.
401(k) plan
The COVID-19 pandemic has put many extra burdens on 401(k) plan sponsors.
Interim Final Rule
Small Business Administration (SBA) released a new interim final rule and a new forgiveness application form 3508S for all recipients of Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans $50,000 and under.
Individual Taxpayer Identification Number
Certain ITINs will expire December 31, 2020, and must be renewed if you will be filing a tax return in 2021.  How do you know if yours will expire?  It will fall into one of these categories:
In recognition of Women’s National Equality Day, Governor Steve Bullock renewed his equal pay Executive Order and extended the Equal Pay for Equal Work Task Force through 2022. Several members of the Equal Pay for Equal Work Task Force were in attendance, and among them was our very own Human Resource Director, John Cummings.
Tax Relief Businesses
Eligible employers can qualify for tax relief for their business via a refundable credit against a portion of the employer's Social Security payroll tax.
Coronavirus Relief Bill 
We know these are uncertain times, but we have a plan and we're here to help.
effective budget
CPA & CFE Jan Schweitzer shares her tips for successful business development.
fringe benefits
As of January 1, this amount will increase to $684 per week or $35,568 annually.
Inheriting Assets
As the old saying goes, “Knowledge is power.”

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