Managed Services in Montana
No matter if you need a single QuickBooks license or QuickBooks hosting for your entire company, we have a plan to fit your needs.
Best Firm for Technology
Finding technology tailored to your business will ensure you have a solution that eliminates gaps in security.
Interim Final Rule
Pat Sassano discusses common cybersecurity issues and how organizations can combat them.
Managed Services in Montana
The managed services we provide to our clients are built on relationships.
Cloud Services for Business
Technology goes a long way toward making your clients and employees feel more secure about everyday interactions.
Technology Hardware for Businesses
Many small businesses put off major technology purchases due to upfront costs.
Cloud Services for Business
House your IT infrastructure in a secure, fiber-connected data center.
Data Disasters
If disaster strikes and you lose access or control of your business' data, you may lose the trust of your clients and customers.
Co-Managed IT
Co-managed IT is a flexible system for keeping data for your company, employees, and clients safe from cyber-attacks.
technology services
On July 4th weekend, a major IT managed services systems provider, Kaseya, was hit with a ransomware attack.
cybersecurity program
Are you wondering what you could be doing to enhance your cybersecurity posture?
Scammers often update their tactics, but there are signs that will help you recognize a phishing email or text message.
Best Firm for Technology
For the second year in a row, Anderson ZurMuehlen & Co., P.C. was named a 2021 Best Firm for Technology by Accounting Today
Best Firm for Technology
For the second year in a row, AZ, a Montana-based certified public accounting, business advisory, and technology services firm, was named a 2021 Best Firm for Technology by Accounting Today.
Password management
Did you know the average employee actively uses thirty-six cloud services at work?
Video conferencing
As the pandemic continued and the number of employees working from home increased, every industry saw an increase in video conferencing.
email communication
With the increasing number of employees working from home, email has become the primary form of communication most of us interact with every day.
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has been around since 1996, with the intent to protect patients by properly handling their protected health information (PHI).
cybersecurity gaps
At the beginning of 2020, no one could have predicted countless businesses would shift to a remote work model. With […]
outdated technology
Have you updated your technology? Many small businesses put off major technology purchases due to upfront costs.
move to the cloud
What you should know about moving your organization to the cloud and the benefits of making the switch.
technology services
Cybercriminals are always looking for new ways to infiltrate businesses, and the reality is that traditional antivirus software only protects against a specific segment of threats from the broad cyberattack spectrum.
Child Tax Credit payments
Microsoft Office is a well established, widely used business productivity platform, but may users have a tough time understanding what Microsoft Office 365(O365) is.
technology services
We all knew business was going to be forever changed when the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic earlier in 2020.
Best Firm for Technology
Anderson ZurMuehlen & Co., P.C. was recently named as a 2020 Best Firm for Technology by Accounting Today.

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