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It can be tempting for an organization’s leadership to invest in the parts of their business that have evident returns on investment (ROI). At Anderson ZurMuehlen, we recognize this desire and are here to make a case for investing in your IT through Co-Managed IT.

Although it is difficult to estimate the ROI on an investment in your IT department, consistently updating your organization’s IT is becoming increasingly crucial to the success and safety of your company. Ransomware and other cyberattacks that steal company data are becoming more frequent and more costly, while IT departments continually get a smaller budget. We recognize not every organization is able to invest heavily in its IT department and recommend the following:

Using Co-managed IT to Fill Service Gaps

Co-managed IT is a flexible system for keeping data for your company, employees, and clients safe from cyberattacks. This system can fill in the gaps that your current IT department is struggling to fill, including:

  • Education on current software
  • Regular updates to your systems
  • Knowledgable management staff
  • Assisting in your daily operations

Co-managing IT allows your IT department to have better access to the tools and software that would allow them to reach their full potential in protecting your company’s sensitive information.

The Advantages of Co-managed IT

The intent of Co-managed IT is not to replace your current IT team but to combine their knowledge of your organization with the resources of a larger IT Firm. Here are a few reasons organizations consider a co-management model:

  • Control over operations: Your team retains control of administrative access and has access to additional tools and services provided by your chosen IT firm.
  • Minimal responsibility: Your organization is not responsible for training or guiding your third-party expert.
  • Keep up with the industry: Implement new security, software, and technology without adding the extra time and resources required to train your in-house staff to use them.
  • Around-the-clock support: Offer around-the-clock support, including after-hours support, using your co-managed IT service provider.
  • Instant implementation: Hiring and training new staff can cost time and resources. Using a co-management model allows for instant implementation of new strategies or projects without the commitment involved with hiring a new employee.
  • Build employee morale: Business insights, improved strategies, quicker response times, professional consultations, and decision support are empowering tools that can help to foster a more positive employee culture among your IT team.
  • Increased security: Bolster your current cybersecurity posture by implementing vulnerability management, security information and event monitoring (SIEM), mobile device management, endpoint protection, and more.

We understand the challenges involved with investing in your IT department without a clear ROI. Consider co-managed IT to decrease your investment while increasing your return. Please reach out to the professionals at Anderson ZurMuehlen Technology Services with any questions.


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