Jim Woy

“My filter is getting better at 63!” Those who’ve had the honor of meeting Jim Woy know he is a straight shooter, passionate about his profession and beliefs, he hates to lose, and he doesn’t hold grudges. Jim is also confident enough to change his mind when confronted with more input on a particular debate issue. These are the perfect combination for a CPA who has dedicated his career to teaching ethics to students and CPAs across the country.

At Anderson ZurMuehlen, we’re proud to celebrate Jim after more than 35 years with the firm. Jim is nationally known for his work in peer review and teaching CPE courses and has been twice awarded the AICPA Outstanding Instructor award.   

Jim has continued to teach at the local level at MT Tech in Butte since 1988. If you’re a Montana CPA, it’s likely you received your ethics credits through a local chapter event that Jim presented a time or two in the past. In addition to teaching at MT Tech, Jim, in partnership with Terri Herron, wrote and presented a one-credit course at the University of Montana that combined regulatory ethics and peer review. He taught this class for four years and sees this as a highlight of his career.


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