In recognition of Women’s National Equality Day, Governor Steve Bullock renewed his equal pay Executive Order and extended the Equal Pay for Equal Work Task Force through 2022. Several members of the Equal Pay for Equal Work Task Force were in attendance, and among them was our very own Human Resource Director, John Cummings. 

In 2013 Governor Steve Bullock established the Task Force in order to gather information, furnish advice and provide the governor with recommendations on policies and action to ensure Montana workers earn equal pay for equal work, regardless of gender. The Task Force identified Wage Negotiation as a top area of focus to combat the gender pay gap. In June, Governor Bullock, along with the Task Force, launched a free wage negotiation webinar as another public resource available to Montanans.

Click to read the full press release issued by the Governor’s Office.

“The gender wage gap means some Montana women have fewer resources to support their families, invest in the future, or afford goods and services that would benefit our economy. Wage negotiation workshops offer women the tools and confidence they need to negotiate for fair pay, and in turn, shrinks the wage gap to benefit Montana families, businesses, and the economy.”

Governor Steve Bullock

Click here learn more about Anderson ZurMuehlen’s commitment to the Task Force.


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