consolidated appropriations act

Our Anderson ZurMuehlen Healthcare Team partnered with healthcare financial experts from The Rybar Group to provide an overview of the key federal relief funds and programs available and what providers should do once they receive these funds to ensure that they are being compliant and are able to keep the revenue they are entitled to from the impacts of COVID-19.

About the Rybar Group

The Rybar Group has been providing value-driven, quality solutions to healthcare providers through its industry expertise since 1989. Focusing exclusively on the healthcare industry, we offer innovative financial and operational solutions to optimize payment while assisting management in ensuring accurate financial reporting. In addition to our hands-on capabilities, The Rybar Group provides an insider edge in creating robust strategies for healthcare management operations that successfully aid facilities in meeting or exceeding their goals.

Our highly experienced team of consultants and strategists is committed to assisting our clients in maintaining their financial viability through compliant, efficient business operations. We strive to ensure that our clients receive optimal reimbursement with integrity while meeting quality initiatives and compliance standards.

Included in our client base are health systems and their related providers, hospitals of all designations and sizes, post-acute facilities, and outpatient ambulatory facilities including clinics and physician practices of all sizes and specialties. Additionally, we work with a number of legal firms, private equity firms and financial institutions as it relates to their healthcare clients.

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We continue to seek out information on how the COVID-19 crisis affects our clients and how we can offer timely solutions and assistance. If you would like to be connected to a knowledgeable expert, please contact us!


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