first time single audit

Has your organization received state or federal funding as a result of the CARES Act or other COVID-19 legislation? Did you know if you received federal funding during the year, your organization could be subject to additional audit requirements this year, including a first time single audit?

The CARES Act and other COVID-19-related legislation have resulted in significant federal funding for organizations across the country at levels some organizations have never seen before. As a result, many organizations may be subject to a Single Audit (or Program Specific Audit) for the very first time. The professionals at Anderson ZurMuehlen want to make sure your organization is well prepared for a successful Single Audit.  As such, our team has answered what we believe are the 10 most important questions about the Single Audit to help you and your organization learn more.

Our AZ Experts Jill Galle, CPA, and Shareholder; Grace McKoy, CPA, CVA, and Shareholder; and Amber Dushin, CPA are proud to share their knowledge and expertise with you. The Anderson ZurMuehlen Team is available to answer any questions you may have. If you would like to know more about preparing for a first-time Single Audit or Program Specific Audit, please contact us.


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