Agriculture is a way of life as much as it is a way to make a living. We understand your world.

It’s hard to repair a combine if you don’t know a crescent wrench from a pipe wrench. By the same token, we believe it’s hard to advise Ag clients if you don’t have a personal background in agriculture.

Anderson ZurMuehlen is  immersed in the ag industry’s challenges. Giving you worry-free financial and tax reporting, providing solutions to mitigate the risks of the inherent uncertainties of the ag business: weather, congressional actions, tax laws, etc. and helping you make the most efficient use of your resources.

In addition to our teams years of experiencing and training, many have Ag backgrounds, some still highly involved in family operations. We are Montanans who understand Montanans.

Gain insights into your farm financials for better decisions and results

From entity structure analysis to understanding the impacts of tax reform and visiting succession planning strategies, the team at Anderson ZurMuehlen has the experience, the industry knowledge, and the drive to provide sound guidance and service to you and your operations.

  • Tax planning, preparation, strategy, credits + much more
  • Accounting and reporting – payroll to financial statement audits and everything in between
  • Business valuations and succession planning strategy
  • All things QuickBooks
  • Cybersecurity & technology
  • Much, much more – didn’t see what you were looking for, contact us and we will get you connected!

Anderson ZurMuehlen has been serving farm and ranch clients since the inception of our firm, over 60 years ago. We understand and appreciate this industry.

Agriculture Specialty Team group

Meet the Ag Team

Patty Nelson at ranch
Patty Nelson, CPA, Shareholder

A Montana native, Patty has consulted with agricultural clients on tax and audit issues for over 25 years. Currently lives on a ranch, raising Black Angus cattle.

Bill Hughes at ranch
Bill Hughes, CPA, Shareholder

A Montana native with a deep appreciation for rural ag communities. Bill has been consulting with farmers and ranchers alike for over 30 years.

Brenda Byrnes at ranch
Brenda Byrnes, CPA, Shareholder

Raised on a fourth-generation cow/calf operation in Eden, MT. Active in 4-H as a youth, college student, and adult. Loves working with her husband and kids on the family ranch.

Anna Stitt leaning on fence post
Anna Stitt, CPA, Senior Manager

Raised on a cattle ranch in Helmville, MT. Grew up with 4-H, taking animals to the Tri-County Fair in Deer Lodge. Loves brandings, still participates in as many as possible.

Gordy Thompson at ranch
Gordy Thompson, CPA, Shareholder

Born and raised in Havre, MT.  Gordy has been passionately involved in the Ag Industry; working with farm and ranch clients along the Hi-line for over 35 years.

Gary Carlson at his ranch with horse
Gary Carlson, CPA, Shareholder

Raised on a cow/calf operation at Bernice, MT that has been in the family for nearly 100 years. Currently the managing partner for family LLC. Active in 4-H as a youth and adult.

Iris Owen at ranch

Raised on a fourth-generation cattle farm in central Kentucky.  Iris bought her first cow at 10 years old; her childhood herd quickly multiplied with her cow having twin calves the next year.  Iris’s family likes to retell this story, especially as she now has twin girls herself!

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