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Treasury Secretary Mnuchin announced today that C-corporations and individuals with the April 15th filing deadline now have until July 15th to file their returns. The Treasury Department is asking state taxing jurisdictions to do the same. However, it will likely take some time for states to make the decision and announcement. Montana follows federal law and by statute, the filing deadline should also be extended for Montana. However, it is not clear how they will handle the due dates for payments. We will alert you as soon as we have more information.

We will be focusing our efforts on those who will likely have refunds to get those returns filed as soon as possible. If you have not yet provided your information to us, please do so as soon as possible so we can make that determination.

If you have already provided us with the information to prepare your returns, we will get them completed as soon as possible, giving preference to those expecting a refund.

The earlier announcement by the IRS that payments originally due on April 15th were not due until July 15th remains unchanged. This includes amounts due for 2019 and first-quarter estimated payments for 2020. Most state taxing jurisdictions have not yet announced their position regarding the April 15th payments.

This is ever-changing and we will continue to inform you of changes as they occur.


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