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Anderson ZurMuehlen is proud to have had the opportunity to partner with the Montana Chamber of Commerce and Montana Bankers Association to present a free webinar on Navigating the SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loan Forgiveness Application. Our talented experts Jim Woy, CPA, Shareholder, and Angela Murdo, CPA, CFE, Shareholder, shared their valuable knowledge on the topic and participated in a Q&A session with participants.

About The Montana Chamber of Commerce

As the leading business advocate, the Montana Chamber of Commerce envisions a business climate that is optimal for Montana’s business prosperity. To create and sustain an optimal business climate, business prosperity, and a strong Montana economy, the Montana Chamber of Commerce, through advocacy, education, and collaboration, works to provide an empowered and educated workforce, reduce business growth obstacles, and advance positions that promote success for Montana businesses.

The Montana Chamber Foundation (MCF) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization run by the Montana Chamber’s executive director, Todd O’Hair, and the Montana Chamber Foundation Board of Directors. Established by the Montana Chamber of Commerce (MCC), the MCF provides an important structure for the MCC to fund business education and encourage entrepreneurship among K–12 and undergraduate students, participate in research projects, host events that promote economic development opportunities, and administer funds that support workforce readiness and entrepreneurship programs in the Big Sky State.

  • The MCF promotes economic educationeconomic development, and community viability by developing tangible programs that connect the business and education communities.
  • The MCF helps educate Montanans about the fundamentals of business operations, business needs and responsibilities, and the contributions of business to society.
  • The MCF fosters strong and open relationships with members, legislators, and other state, local and federal entities to enhance our position as a credible, dependable and innovative organization.
  • The MCF promotes and improves the economic development opportunities of the state and its communities by participating in educational projects and research.

If you have questions regarding the PPP Loan Forgiveness Application or would like information on partnering with Anderson ZurMuehlen for an informative webinar, please contact us!


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