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Anderson ZurMuehlen is excited to put a spotlight on our new Attest Staff because we think this group is pretty great! It’s our pleasure to introduce them below. You may see these accountants at your next audit, we hope you’ll think they’re as amazing as we do!

Haley Wood – Great Falls

Haley graduated with her BS in Accounting from Minot State University this May. Her interest in accounting started when she took high school business and accounting classes. Haley’s favorite part of her job at AZ is helping clients achieve their goals. After participating in her college’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program she learned that she enjoyed the opportunity to help her fellow community members. Now, she is starting the CPA exam process. She loves that working in Montana gives her a great mountain view with opportunities for abundant outdoor recreation. 

Haley thinks her perfect Montana day would be spent enjoying the summer sunshine and heat. She would take her dog on a hike, or head to the lake for fun on the wave runner. She would watch Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants and eat a Montana classic – a burger and fries with huckleberry cobbler. Haley would eventually like to explore Glacier National Park. 

Krista Ebbighausen – Bozeman 

Krista attended Montana State University and recently graduated with a BS in Accounting this May. She was attracted to accounting because it would open the door to many different types of opportunities. Krista loves the opportunity to be constantly learning something new at AZ, and how the variety of work changes from week to week. She is just starting the CPA exam process. Krista grew up in Bozeman and loves the healthy, active, and busy lifestyle it provides; plus she gets to be close to family. 

Her favorite Montana days are in late summer when it’s still hot enough to be spent on the lake. She would go wake surfing with friends and family, and afterward watch Pirates of the Caribbean while eating tacos. At night, Krista would enjoy a campfire surrounded by people wearing flannels and playing guitar. 

Brandon Travis – Missoula 

Brandon has an undergraduate degree in Accounting with a certificate in Accounting Information Systems from the University of Montana. He is currently in their Master of Accountancy program. Brandon initially attended college with the intent to become a Pharmacist, but after taking courses in UM’s business school, he learned he was pretty good at accounting. Brandon will begin sitting for the CPA exams during the Master’s program. His favorite part of the job at AZ is his coworkers, who he believes are very smart and passionate. He grew up riding in a combine with his grandfather during harvest season and loves the beauty of Montana; particularly the wheat fields during August.  

Brandon prefers Montana summers over the colder months. His perfect day would start with 18 holes of golf accompanied by friends, followed by venturing to the river to float or paddleboard. He would then grill some chicken for a Caesar salad and watch The Sandlot.  

Brian McGeehan – Butte 

Brian has an undergraduate degree from Montana Technological University and is now enrolled in the University of Montana’s Master of Accountancy program. His interest in accounting was sparked during high school accounting classes, and he has been passionate about accounting since. He will begin sitting for the CPA exams during the Master’s program. Brian’s favorite part of working at AZ is being greeted with so much happiness from his coworkers when coming into work. He has lived in Butte for his entire life and enjoys being close to so many activities like fishing and hiking.  

Early summer is his perfect Montana day when temperatures are in the low 80s. He appreciates the greenery and blooming after the rain showers and snow melts in the spring. Brian would start his day on a run in the Maud S. Canyon trail that overlooks Butte before grabbing dinner at Sparky’s Garage. He would order chicken strips, fries, and dipping sauces. If there is a new Marvel movie, you can find him at the theater.  

Alyssa Morris – Missoula 

Alyssa completed her Bachelor of Science in Accountancy at the University of Montana and has completed the first four parts of the CPA exam. She decided to pursue accounting after taking college accounting courses. She originally wanted to pursue the medical field but realized accounting was what she enjoyed more. Her favorite part of her job at AZ is the unique challenges that give her the chance to learn something daily. Alyssa’s favorite part of working in Montana is the scenery and simpler way of life. She grew up in Montana, lives on a ranch, and enjoys every aspect of it. 

Alyssa’s perfect day in Montana would be a cool fall day, spent in the mountains with her boyfriend, their horses, and dogs. They would enjoy camping and eating a meal cooked over a campfire. Alyssa prefers reading and spending time outside to watching movies, so you can probably find her reading a thriller! 

Zachary (Zach) Augustine – Billings 

Zach recently graduated from Montana State University – Billings this past May with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. He chose accounting because of the career opportunities. Zach’s favorite part of his job at AZ is his coworkers and the daily discussions they have. He loves the small-town feel of working in Montana, even in Billings which isn’t that small. 

His perfect fall day in Montana would be spent in the mountains relaxing with friends and family, playing cards, and eating enchiladas. Fall is his favorite season because of how pretty it is when the leaves begin changing color. After coming home, he would watch any of the 8 movies from the Harry Potter series. 

Abigail Thyssen – Helena 

Abigail graduated from Carroll College this past May with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Communication Studies. She was drawn to accounting because she enjoys working with numbers and helping others. As she would say, accounting is the happy middle ground of those two! Abigail’s favorite part of working at AZ is the satisfaction of getting a return to tie out and flow together. She likes being able to work in a beautiful state, and when Abigail is not working, she is studying for the CPA exam.  

Abigail’s perfect Montana day is in the fall because of the nice weather and everything that comes with the new season. She loves pumpkin spice, sweater weather, and colorful trees. Abigail would go on a hike to take in the scenery while the outdoors prepares for winter. After coming home she would watch The Princess Bride, and enjoy a nice lasagna. 

Bryce Legare – Bozeman 

Bryce has an undergraduate degree with an Accounting major and Finance minor. He will be graduating this coming December from Montana State University – Bozeman with a Master’s in Professional Accountancy. His college professors made accounting fun. Bryce enjoyed his accounting courses and decided to pursue an accounting career. His favorite part of working at AZ is the people. That is the same reason he loves working in Montana so much. 

Bryce would spend his perfect fall Montana day playing golf and thinking about his plan to visit all 30 MLB stadiums. When he’s not on the green, he would watch one of the Harry Potter movies before finishing off the night by eating a prime rib with a baked potato.

Garrett Carlson – Great Falls 

Garrett obtained his undergraduate degree with a major in Accounting from Montana State University – Bozeman. The wide range of opportunities that the accounting field offers drew him in, and he likes continuously learning additional skills. He is excited to find his specialty and has started studying for the CPA exam. Garrett’s favorite part of his job at AZ is engaging with new material and deepening his knowledge of accounting. His favorite part of living in Montana is the ease of access to uncrowded public lands.  

His ideal Montana day is in late spring when he can spend it hiking up a peak. It provides him an excellent opportunity to engage with the Montana landscape since he is an avid and proficient bird watcher. After his hike, he would watch The Room and enjoy some tacos. 

Michaela Rasmussen – Great Falls 

Michaela earned her undergraduate business degree with a focus in Accounting from Montana State University – Bozeman, before getting her Master’s in Accountancy from the University of Montana. She was able to take accounting classes in high school and realized this would be a good industry for her to go into. Working with clients is her favorite part of working at AZ. Michaela is currently studying for the CPA exam and enjoying the open spaces and views in Montana when she gets free time. 

Her perfect Montana day would be spent reading a book or gardening. Michaela loves when it is 65-80 degrees, with no bugs, and everything is green. She would finish the day with a delicious cheeseburger and fries. 

Eric Brown – Butte 

Eric graduated from Montana Tech this past May with a Bachelor of Science in Business and Information Technology with an Accounting option. He chose accounting because his favorite professors at Montana Tech were upper-level accounting teachers. Eric confirmed he loved accounting after an internship with AZ before joining the firm full-time. Interacting with so many different people is his favorite part of working at AZ. He gets to work with many people across the firm, and with clients that come from diverse backgrounds. Montana is home for him. Eric takes a lot of pride in being a Montanan and working with a company that gives back so much to communities. 

His ideal Montana day would be in the winter, as he prefers cold over heat. You would find him skiing, hopefully starting his day with some fresh tracks up at Discovery after a fresh dump of snow. Afterward, he would watch his dogs bound through the deep snow. His night would be spent getting a pepperoni pizza from Gallicano’s in Anaconda before watching a cheesy 90s comedy. 

If you would like to know more about our attest staff and their credentials, please contact us!


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