New Brand Anderson ZurMuehlen

Our mission is to focus on building relationships to provide valued services and solutions to help our clients succeed today and tomorrow. Our service offerings have broadened and we made the decision to create a brand identity that reflects who we are today.

Our rebranded logo, website, and materials were all created in-house by our corporate marketing team, which also offers marketing services to our clients. If you would like to learn more about our marketing services, click here. If your organization is looking for a new brand, our team is excited to connect with you.

As you interact with us over the next couple of months, you’ll notice our new look on materials, at our locations, and on our website. At our core, we are still the same company we’ve been for the last 65 years. Although our look has changed, our dedication to our clients, coworkers, and communities remains the same. If you have any questions regarding our rebrand, please contact us.


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