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Here are some of the key tax-related deadlines that apply to businesses and other employers during the second quarter of the year. Keep in mind that this list isn’t all-inclusive and these dates may change from year to year, so there may be additional deadlines that apply to you. Contact us to ensure you’re meeting all applicable deadlines and to learn more about the filing requirements.

To-Do By April 1st

  • File with the IRS if you’re an employer that will electronically file Form 1097, Form 1098, Form 1099 (other than those with an earlier deadline) and/or Form W-2G.
  • If your employees receive tips and you file electronically file Form 8027.
  • If you’re an Applicable Large Employer and filing electronically, file Forms 1094-C and 1095-C with the IRS. For all other providers of minimum essential coverage filing electronically, file Forms 1094-B and 1095-B with the IRS.

To-Do By April 15th

  • If you’re a calendar-year corporation, file an income tax return (Form 1120) or file for an automatic six-month extension (Form 7004) and pay any tax due.
  • Corporations pay the first installment of next year’s estimated income taxes.

To-Do By April 30

  • Employers report income tax withholding and FICA taxes for the first quarter of the year (Form 941) and pay any tax due.

To-Do By May 10

  • Employers report income tax withholding and FICA taxes for the first quarter of the year (Form 941) if you deposited on time and fully paid all of the associated taxes due.

To-Do By June 17

  • Corporations pay the second installment of this coming year’s estimated income taxes.

Do you have questions about upcoming deadlines? Our team of qualified experts is here to help!


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