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NCTI’s Real Colors® Personality Instrument is a leading edge tool that bridges temperament theory and real life applications in a way that is easy to understand, fun to learn and that offers unprecedented levels of retention. Using Real Colors, people learn to recognize, accept and value the differences in others while improving understanding, empathy and communication.

The Premise

The four color personality assessment is based on the premise of taking left-brain (linear) information, and turning it into an exciting, interactive right-brain experience. The right brain style uses colors, pictures, and interactive activities to hook the participants. It allows participants to learn a great deal of information more quickly. Participants leave the four hour workshop with tools they can use and apply to their own life.

The Approach

Real Colors® is a dynamic workshop experience using a personality assessment.

Participants learn to:

  • Identify motivators specific to each temperament
  • Understand human behavior; and
  • Communicate more effectively with others

The Basis

A user-friendly, intuitive tool that identifies four personality types that are common to all people – Gold, Green, Blue and Orange. Learn to:

  • Gain an understanding of the four colors and the corresponding personality types.
  • Learn to recognize characteristics of each color.
  • Discuss with fellow participants what it is like to be each color.

Interpersonal Communications Workshops

Presented in a fast, fun, interactive format, Real Colors® participants learn to quickly identify their own temperament—or “color”—and that of others.

Using this powerful knowledge, participants develop more effective interpersonal communication skills and build better relationships—in and out of the workplace.

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Helena Montana HR Professional JulieAnn Culpon
JulieAnn Culpon, Senior Human Resources Manager, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Real Colors® Certified Trainer

Using Real Colors®

Imagine having the ability to clearly communicate your thoughts and ideas to clients, friends and family. Picture yourself having a unique level of insight into the things that motivate you and others. Envision achieving all the things you want from life, both personally and professionally.

The key is Real Colors®. Real Colors is simple to use, and can easily be incorporated into all aspects of your personal and professional life. Through Real Colors, you’ll gain a completely new perspective on yourself and the things that are most important to you.


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