For a Limited Time, We Are Offering Our Cyber-Security Risk Assessment at No Cost to You

After this Assessment, you’ll understand:

If you and your employees’ login credentials are being sold on the Dark Web. We run a report on your company and see what credentials are actively being sold on the Dark Web, which is a part of the World Wide Web accessible only by means of special software, allowing operators to remain completely and totally anonymous and untraceable, used by the most notorious cybercrime rings around the world.

If your IT systems and data are truly secured from hackers, cybercriminals, viruses, worms, and even sabotage by employees. If you’re not getting weekly security updates from your current IT person, your systems probably aren’t secure. You should also know that antivirus software and most firewalls are grossly inadequate against the sophisticated attacks now happening.

If your current backup would allow you to be back up and running again fast if ransomware locked all your files. In 99% of the computer networks we’ve reviewed over the years, the owners were shocked to learn the backup they had would NOT survive a ransomware attack. Ransomware is designed to infect your backups as well, leaving you defenseless. There are only a handful of backup systems that will prevent this from happening.

Do your employees truly know how to spot a phishing e-mail? We will actually put them to the test. 

Are your IT systems, backups, and policies in sync with compliance requirements for HIPAA, GLBA, and SOX, and using best practices to ensure a safe and productive environment for your organization?

If we do find problems…overlooked security loopholes, inadequate backups, credentials that have been compromised, out-of-date firewall and antivirus software, and (often) active malware…on one or more of the PCs in your office,  we will propose an Action Plan to remediate the situation that you can have us implement for you if you choose. 

It’s Not a Matter of “IF”

At some point, you will have to deal with a cybersecurity event. They are really that prevalent in our current environment. 

Through this assessment, we hope to prepare you for it and so you only experience a minor inconvenience. But if you do nothing, your cybersecurity event will be a far more costly, disruptive, and devastating attack.

You’ve spent a lifetime working hard to get where you are today. Don’t let cybercriminals get away with taking that from you. Get the facts and be certain you are protected.

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