COVID-19 Relief Bill Addresses PPP Issues
Join Erin Stockwell as she digs into the August 2022 IRS update and how that will affect taxpayers this coming tax season.
Form 1040-NR
FBAR reporting requirements can include obscure types of accounts. We recommend connecting with an accountant to learn how FBAR affects you.
Employee Benefit Plan Audits in Montana
There are several hoops to jump through when purchasing a second home outside the US
Tax Planning International Business
The following are a few international tax implications to consider when planning business outside of the US.
Form 8938
Both the Form 8938 and FBAR forms require U.S. Persons to report Foreign Accounts to the IRS.
This exclusion helps those eligible to avoid being taxed in both the foreign country where the income is earned and the United States.
tax reporting requirements
When it comes to business, today’s world is getting smaller as US individuals and businesses expand to foreign markets. 
Inheriting Assets
If you are a US person and receive an inheritance from a foreign person, you could have additional reporting requirements.
foreign individuals
The tax professionals at AZ tackled many unique returns this year and found a trend: there's some confusion as to when foreign individuals may need to file a US return.
Filing a tax return during a global pandemic is proving to be an interesting feat.
tax implications
The United States real estate market boomed in 2020 in certain parts of the country and many people sold their US residences and vacation homes for a nice profit.
working remotely
Over the past year, businesses have seen a dramatic shift towards remote work as a result of measures taken to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spread.
Form 1040-NR
A few years ago, the IRS allowed e-filing for Form 1040-NR, U.S. Nonresident Alien Income Tax Return.
Several websites are advertising low-cost Montana LLCs specifically for Canadians to use to purchase a new recreational vehicle (RV).
60 day relief
In 2020, the IRS issued a 60-day relief, which would not be counted for tax purposes.
This past December, Anderson ZurMuehlen’s (AZ) Helena office hosted four Ukrainian delegates via the International Visitor Leadership Program through the US Department of State

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