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We all knew business technology was going to be forever changed when the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic earlier in 2020. The enormity of this change was unseen and remains unclear as every day brings new challenges for each city, state, business, and household. Despite these challenges, Anderson ZurMuehlen has remained a constant in our communities by adopting the following actions.

Be Constant

Business professionals have to adapt to changes as quickly as they arise, even as it seems new issues are occurring daily. As your customers and staff are grappling with these changes, they need a beacon to guide them. The relationship that you had with them prior to COVID-19 should be the basis on which you build a new way of working. Be the constant that they need during this time of uncertainty and show them the way.

Be Flexible

It is normal to feel uncertain about how you’ll continue to conduct your business in the time of COVID-19, but take a moment and assess the business technology landscape. The economy will continue to exist, some businesses will have to modify how they work, and new companies will result from this situation.

Above all, your customers still need you. Stand back, observe how successful entities are operating, and examine how your offerings can be flexible to meet your clients’ needs. Seek partners who help you develop an infrastructure that meets your needs and creates an excellent example for your customers in their path forward.

Be Innovative

As our customers adjust to how they will be working and looking for success, Anderson ZurMuehlen Technology Services (AZTS) is working hard to be a trusted advisor. We strive to show our clients how to successfully work remotely, how to train and educate employees so their risk of a breach is lowered, and provide systems that ensure their business is secure and efficient.

According to a recent report by CRN, CFOs expect 10% of their workforce to remain remote, even after the pandemic fears subside. For AZTS, we have learned to be inventive in how we offer services to each of our clients. We provide the business technology, but also share our experience and advice on how to best move forward. Our cloud and managed services offerings, paired with creative mobile hardware and software solutions, are an excellent foundation for a flexible, efficient, and dynamic company.

AZTS has developed excellent relationships with our vendors and clients that continue to drive our passion and success, even after the pandemic subsides. We strive to select the companies we work with based on a desire for long-term partnerships. This mutually beneficial relationship compels us to continue evolving our products and services to better serve our clients! We encourage this approach, as Anderson ZurMuehlen has thrived despite the pandemic and continues to assist our clients in coming back stronger than they were before.

Robert Culpon is the Chief Information Officer for Anderson ZurMuehlen Technology Services (AZTS). With over 25 years of IT experience with companies of all sizes, Robert leads AZTS’s technology initiative of bringing a true IT partnership to its customers. AZTS supplies technology solutions, including PwrCloud, Security, Hardware and Software Solutions, and a host of managed services offerings. With over 60 years of experience in professional services, Anderson ZurMuehlen brings a unique approach based on a partnership with its clients. Robert can be reached by emailing For more information about AZTS, please visit us here.


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