System & Organization Control

As a service organization, your customers may be asking if you have undergone a System & Organization Control (SOC) examination; if they haven’t yet, they most likely will. Some customers mandate it as part of the contracts they sign with service providers as a component of their due diligence process. By undergoing a SOC examination, a company can differentiate itself from competitors who don’t go through the SOC process.

Anderson ZurMuehlen helps organizations gain peace of mind about their processes and controls with a SOC examination tailored to fit their needs. Selecting the right service auditor is a key component to success in obtaining assurance over processes and controls. Our team provides reports on controls that are relevant to a user organization’s internal controls over financial reporting (SOC 1®), as well as reports on the effectiveness of controls related to operations, based on selected trust services criteria (SOC 2®).

Our clients place their trust in us, and that is a responsibility we take very seriously. As part of the SOC process, we provide valuable insights to help enhance your internal control environment, with the goal of providing transparent control-related information to your customers.

Potential benefits of SOC examinations may include:

  • Differentiation from the competition.
  • A review of processes and procedures by an independent, third party.
  • A strengthened internal control environment.
  • Increased customer confidence.
  • Refined business processes and procedures for corporate governance and risk management.

Are you unsure if your organization needs a SOC examination? Anderson ZurMuehlen offers a readiness assessment. Our team can also provide valuable assistance to you by helping you develop and write policies, develop control objectives and related controls, and assist with the documentation of your management description.

By engaging with Anderson ZurMuehlen to perform a SOC 1® or SOC 2® examination, we can assure you we will exceed your expectations with our quality work and highly trained staff. Contact us today!


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