AZTS is focused on providing technology solutions for businesses across our markets, even without a pandemic shaking up our work culture. We know many companies are struggling to find a way to keep themselves operating while workers are working from home. Here’s our solution:

Anytime Access

PwrCloud for QuickBooks® provides you with a full desktop version of QuickBooks® in a secure, powerful, fully supported environment. Business owners, CPAs, and accountants can access their accounting files from anywhere, with full functionality and high performance, making working from home simple.

Secure Connection

With our virtualization and remote access your computers live in our high-end data center; secured, maintained, and managed by our team of IT experts. You access the system whenever you want, anywhere, from any device.

Seamless Integration

No more exporting data to USB drives or spending time trying to email those huge QuickBooks® backup files. Easily allow your accountant or bookkeeper access to your system, securely and efficiently. They can do what you need them to do in the same secure and high-performance system!

Whether you’re quarantined or figuring out how to protect your employees from COVID-19, our goal is to help your business through this immediate challenge and position your business to be prepared for the next hurdle with a solution that meets your needs!


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